Pre-Surgery Nesting Part 2

I wrote how my efforts to control my environment stem from my perceived lack of control over my upcoming surgery, and while that’s true, it’s only a small sliver of the big picture.  You see, I’m a bit of a home decor junkie.  We don’t have cable, but the one thing I asked for at Christmas was a purchase of the current season of HGTV’s Fixer Upper from iTunes.  

I used to watch HGTV religiously.  I was addicted to the idea of having a stylish and perfect home.  In truth, I’m still like that. In my “maturtity,” I’ve realized, though, that the amount of things I once thought I needed I really didn’t need at all. I’ve become a fan of the minimalist movement. I have to say, there’s nothing like spending too much time at home (and preparing to spend more time at home and unable to drive even if I wanted to leave) to drive that point home even further. 

Having a decluttered home isn’t the ultimate goal here.  My goal is to have a decluttered life–the home is just a portion of that. I’m parting with things with the idea that fewer things in my life will open new doors and time for things that are more important like family, travel, and exercise.

I’m going through surgery and I’ll be suffering again in the short term so that I can live my life to the fullest.  I have big plans and none of those plans involve filling my house with crap.  I want to travel with my kids, enjoy good food, and be a stay at home mom.  If I’m going to make those dreams a reality, I need to stay focused and not get swallowed by my stuff.  

Interested in joining me?  The journey is a long one.  I started simplifying this fall and I’m still not done. The time is worth it.  That, I guarantee.  

I read part of this book today at Barnes and Noble after seeing her blog online yesterday. Interested in minimalism?  Check it out!  

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