Final Surgery

I had my last surgery yesterday…well, my last until I may need my implants replaced someday (they aren’t made to last forever).  As I previously wrote in “Pre-Surgery Nesting Part 2,” my nerves were not fun this time.  I have to say, my nerves were totally unfounded.  So far, this recovery isn’t bad at all.

Why the Nerves?

My mastectomy and tissue expander surgery was long and painful enough to include a spinal block.  You can read about that procedure here.  So I had a good reason to be fearful.  I dreaded recovery and what that would mean in terms of comfort during sleep and general pain.

warming blanket
Awesome Warming Blanket

When we arrived at the hospital yesterday, I was ushered back to the prep room in no time at all. My awesome plastic surgeon, Dr. Hassid, was already there when I walked into the room, so he took out his awesome surgical Sharpie and marked me up.  After that, the nurse came in to take my vitals and asked for a urine sample for a pregnancy test, which gave me a good laugh when I told her I’d had a hysterectomy so we could skip that step.  Then, they hooked me up  with a nice warming blanket.  This wasn’t just a warm blanket, but it was hooked up to a heater; it was the bomb diggity.

After a visit with the anesthesiologist I handed my glasses over to my husband and was led by the nurse into the OR.  I’ve never walked into the operating room.  For my hysterectomy, I was wheeled in and was out before I rounded the nurses’ station.  For my mastectomy, I had a spinal block and was out as the nurses held me in prep for that procedure.  This was the first time I had consciously walked into the OR, had to climb onto the table, and wait for anesthesia.  I have to say that I was shaking!  My head knew there was no reason to worry but my body had other ideas!  Luckily, it didn’t take long for the anesthesiologist to come in and get the happy juice growing.

out of surgery

I was in and out of surgery in what seemed like no time.   This was an outpatient procedure, after all.  I saw the clock in the OR at 7:25am. I was home (a half-hour drive later) by 11:45am.

Car Ride Home
Going Home

I came home wearing a granny bra of the utmost finery stuffed with gauze and wearing a girdle  help abdominal swelling from where I had liposuction along my flanks to round out the tops of my implants.  So, in short, I was back in my sexy post-surgical finery. Other than the tightness of the girdle and the bruise on my hand from the IV, I’m doing quite well.  I have to remind myself to take it easy.  I’m not in much pain at all.

stuffed bra
Stuffed Granny Bra

I’m headed to see the doc this afternoon for my post-surgery follow-up.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes, but I’m expecting a good report!  As always, if you have any questions on what it’s like being a previvor, feel free to comment!


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