Bras are the Devil

I haven’t worn a bra in months.  My tissue expanders stayed in place even while running so I gave up wearing a bra when my expansion process finished.  

My skin under the “breast” has been hypersensitive since the mastectomy. I think this sensitivity is due to the formation of a border between connected nerves and lack of nerves where they removed the breast tissue.  

The implant surgery included a slight lowering of the left implant for balance.  I’m not sure what all this process included (and I really don’t want to know) but I can tell I’m cut and sore inside under the bust near the cleavage area.  I can tell you that having a bra band touch that area is uncomfortable and having a bra band rub that area is awful.  

I took a 3mi walk today just like I took yesterday.  Today I’ve logged over 12,000 steps where yesterday I logged over 20,000.   Today, I hurt.  Per the advice of a friend with self-proclaimed “porn star boobs” (as I said, her words and not mine), I tucked my tank top into my bra band.  It helped!  But I have to say, I’m not a happy camper.  I’m feeling sore and tired from a general lack of sleep.  

I hereby resolve that tomorrow I will be a couch potato. I will be proactive in my healing process.  Sometimes, or okay, all the time, I think I can do it all.  I want to get out, be active, and carry on with life but my body has spoken and I clearly cannot do that.  

So, if you are going through this process, be proactive in healing and don’t rush yourself.  Even if you feel better, ease up.  As my nurse said,”be caution” [sic] and “careful.”  I hear you now, Nurse Elaine.  

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