Previvors In the Media

I stumbled past the “New Book” section at the library and came across this title:

Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction
by Patricia Anstett

After a quick scan of the table of contents, I realized there was a whole chapter entitled “Previvors.”  The previvor sector of the cancer populace lacks representation in literature, at least in terms of my investigations.  For example, if you go to Barnes and Noble, you’ll see a approximately two small shelves of books relating to cancer.  And of those books, you’ll be lucky to find one that deals with the uniqueness of the previvor situation.  So, imagine my surprise that Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction by Patricia Anstett has an entire (though brief) chapter dedicated to previvors.

pREVIVoRS choosing the path to health

The chapter on previvors introduces one of the youngest American women to have a preventative double mastectomy at the age of 20.  Her name is Kelly Rothe.  Once I read Kelly’s story in Anstett’s book I decided to google her.  Of course, she has a blog:  I couldn’t stop reading her story.  She, too, lost a mother to cancer.  She made the decision to take charge of her health but at a much younger age while dealing with the desire to be married and have children one day, but she loved herself enough that she tackled her fears.

Anstett’s book references two other resources that benefit the previvor community: BRCA Sisterhood, a private Facebook group founded in 2010 by Karen Lazarovitz and a documentary called Pink and Blue released on 2015 which should be available for purchase on iTunes in December.  You can bet I’ll be watching it.

pREVIVoRS: You are not alone

If you are a previvor, you may feel like you’re alone, but you are not.  There are many more of us out there than you know.  We are both young and old, but we are survivors.  We will persevere.  And, if you have any questions, you can always ask!


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