Happy Home Life: An Exercise in Folding, Pun Intended

Recovery means a lot of time at home.  I am able to drive now, so I spent the morning out roaming around with my friend, Alli, but I really didn’t have an excuse or inclination to spend all day away from home.

I’ve written about my new obsession with podcasts, my tv watching habits, and my obsession with maintaining a clean, uncluttered house.  Well, today I took all of those things and let inspiration take hold in the form of a linen closet redo.

Pinterest in Practice: Linen Closet Redo

I’m going to assume you have some knowledge of Pinterest and that you haven’t been living in a bunker somewhere pulling a Kimmy Schmidt (if you don’t know who Kimmy Schmidt is, check out the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix–it’s full of good laughs).  Most of the time I use Pinterest for recipes and eye candy (stuff I would like to have in my home but can never afford).

This time, I actually took a Pinterest-recommended post and put it into practice.  I stumbled on this post by Leah over at Code Red Hat: Survival Skills for the Modern Mom.  Leah wrote a great tutorial on “How to Fold Towels To Fit Any Shelf” back in 2012.  Boy, I wish I had seen this post back then!  I fold my towels neatly, but not like this.  I know this sounds mundane, but if you open your closet and towels fall out any time you try to pull a clean one, the situation can probably be improved.

And, once I had all of my towels in a non-toppling position, I had to keep going and tackle the sheets.  A quick Pinterest search turned up this 2011 blog post by Kelly at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.  Kelly has a neat, effective way to corral sheet sets.  I highly recommend checking it out!

Happy Closet: The Reveal

I removed extra pillowcases for donation, one top sheet without a matching fitted sheet, one set of stretched out sheets, and one old beach towel.  I also relocated my daughter’s stuffed bears to her room.

Even with the few items removed, you an see that folding makes a HUGE difference. Here is a little side by side before and after:

Linen closet re-do
                          Left: Before, Right:After

Who Knew Folding Used Muscles?

Organizing complete, my chest muscles are now telling me that all that folding was hard work.  You forget how simple tasks like folding sheets and towels uses muscle, but there’s nothing like a recent surgery to remind you that even the easiest appearing of tasks can be taxing on a healing body.

So, if you undertake a linen closet makeover in your post-surgery boredom, consider using it as a workout.  I would suggest doing the folding in spurts over a couple of days and not in a single afternoon.  My ta-tas are TIRED.

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