Hysterectomy: Little Helpers

I should have done this a long time ago.  Who knew my daughter was strong enough to carry a full laundry basket on her own?  Her brother insisted on “helping.”  I’m thinking of buying two small laundry baskets for their clean clothes and letting them do the sorting and folding from now on.  I feel like the blinders have been lifted.  Since my hysterectomy post-op instructions include lifting restrictions, I need the kids to help!

hysterectomy helpers
My Little Helpers
hysterectomy helpers
Carry that Laundry!

If you are reading this and have kids, take a harder look at them.  They can do a lot more than what you think they can do.  Children did a lot more work in the past than they do now in the U.S.  I think it’s high time my kids learned more about the value of hard work and helping out in the home.  After all, how else will they learn?

We utilize a chore chart during  the summer months and on weekends during the school year.  The kids are already expected to take care of their own dirty dishes, unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away, and keep their bathroom counters and rooms clean.  They also sort their dirty laundry into the color-coded dirty piles on laundry day and put away their own clothes once I have folded them.   Since I am a teacher, I also work on skills I’ll know they need for the upcoming school year during summer months.

School starts next week, so I’m thinking about modifying their chores.  Having this hysterectomy has taught me that they are growing up and can be contributing more to this family; I will make their chores reflect this.  When my mastectomy comes along next month, I want my helpers trained and at the ready!

If you would like to read more about age-appropriate chores, check out my friend’s blog over at Simply Kierste.  She has a great list of ways her children help out at home!